The Bibbble is, according to intelligent people, a satire (but actually it could be considered a true text by those who do not think rationally) of standard religious texts. If you believe in other religious texts, then The Bibbble is clearly a better alternative. It is the only (religious through satire) text that is 'scientifically accurate'—the universe was created according to the laws of science that scientists are continually discovering and refining.

If however, you desire evidence before believing in something, as most scientists, rationalists, atheists, sceptics, humanists, and people using common sense might do, then you will naturally be more sceptical of The Bibbble's claims. You will, as a member of the human species, recognise the merits of The Bibbble's Ethical Principles for a Level 3 Universe, which are more acceptable than commandments found in mainstream religions. The Bibbble Tests are an opportunity for us all to assess how we consider the natural world, and the rationality or otherwise of our thought processes. Religious indoctrination and the imposition of religious views on others are not considered to be meritorious behaviour in The Bibbble.

More FAQs about The Bibbble can be found in The Bibbble Companion.