People must not die like this

Angelique Flowers was a 31-year-old writer who died in horrible circumstances.  Her YouTube video provides a moving story, and a compelling case for why deaths like hers must not be allowed to occur again. If we are a civilised, rational and ethical society, voluntary euthanasia must be permitted. Politicians need to bring about legislative change. Euthanasia is a rational and humane cause provides a strong case for legislative reform. It is simply unacceptable that a humane society can allow people to suffer against their will.

Christian Rossiter was a quadriplegic man who successfully sought the right to die, but unfortunately it was without dignity. Rather than being permitted to take a drug to end his life, he was given the right to refuse food. He would have died through starvation (he died as a result of an infection). That society permits dying from starvation, even if sedated, is macabre and abominable. If death is permitted, would not a drug be preferable if that was consistent with Mr Rossiter's wishes?

Detailed arguments supporting euthanasia, and rebutting the most common arguments against euthanasia, can be found in the Submissions section on this website.