Respecting choice

By David Swanton

Posted 27 August 2012 in the Canberra Times


Steve Doszpot, a Liberal MLA, approached me in pre-election mode at a local shopping centre. The discussion went roughly as follows.

Doszpot: ''Hi, I'm Steve Doszpot, from the ACT Liberals.''

Me: ''Hi, do you support voluntary euthanasia?''

Doszpot: ''No.''

Me: ''Well I'm sorry that I won't be supporting you.''

Doszpot: ''That's your choice.''

Me: '' … As it should be for all terminally ill people wanting voluntary euthanasia.''

The hypocrisy of those who acknowledge an individual's choice in voting, but act to deny them choice when they might seek the option of voluntary euthanasia, is simply deplorable. People should vote for candidates in their preferred party who respect the rights of individuals to make decisions about their own lives.


David Swanton is an ethicist, PhD scientist and director of Ethical Rights. He is also ACT Chapter Coordinator for Exit International.